Join us this Sunday, Nov. 19th at Perfumarie for a special

Movember Quail Cove Grooming Den

155 Lafayette st, New York, NY, 10013




BABE Leather Strop. Keep your GENERATIONS Straight Razor perfectly honed with our NEW handmade leather strops.


Purchase as a sampler pack for yourself and your loved ones. This bundle Includes:

Beard Balm No. 1 Original

Beard Balm No. 2 Earth

Beard Balm No. 3 Bikers Brew



Our GENERATIONS Sheath is the perfect compliment to our GENERATIONS Straight Razor. Minimalism at its finest, with an air of modern elegance. Designed and crafted by Leather Artisan Moses Nadel.


Share the transformational power of our all natural, handmade Mediterranean Sea Salt Body Bar with your B.A.B.E




B.A.B.E of Brooklyn is committed to enhancing families' lives with handmade grooming products of exceptional quality.

We are a family owned and operated line of Handcrafted Natural and Organic personal care products for Men who always put Family First
Only the finest Organic and Fair-Trade ingredients go into our Handmade BALMS and BARS
Small Batch production methods help us keep things simple; all of our Grooming Essentials are crafted with precision and care
Attention to Quality and our Less is More philosophy is at the core of our entire line of handcrafted products.
History & Heritage
Handcrafted with love Since 1963
Mrs. Gracie Allen
La Roberts, Inc., Modernistic School of Beauty Culture
(Fulton St and Franklin Ave. Brooklyn, NY)
BABE of Brooklyn is a celebration of our families rich history in the Hair & Beauty and Mens Grooming industry.
Our Story starts in 1960s Brooklyn where Mom, a licensed Cosmetologist, worked and started her family. Fast forward a few years to fond memories of 1970s Boston with Dad at Uncle Johns Barbershop, here the first seeds were being planted for the milieu.
Three decades later in 2,000 we're back in Brooklyn and a spark was ignited; we couldn't find certain products on the men's grooming market that fit our family's natural and vegan lifestyle. This made us tap into what we already knew, 
"if we wanted something done right, we would have to do it ourselves".   
The end result was our Original Formula, Beard Balm No.1.
Since then B.A.B.E of Brooklyn has grown to include our GENERATIONS Straight Razors, a trio of natural BEARD BALMS/POMADES (non-water based), an Organic/Fair Trade BEARD & HAIR Masque, a few luxurious FACE, BEARD, and BODY BARS, as well as premium Branded Apparel and Leather Goods curated by top leaders within the garment and craftsman industry.  
As we grow, our goal will always be to provide value and share some of life's natural resources with you, our global family.
Made in Brooklyn/USA.