No. 3: Biker's Brew

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No. 3: Biker's Brew


Our Pomade out of the trio.  Higher in antioxidants, No.3 Bikers Brew was engineered for fuller beards, while posesing the ability to serve both men and women's hair. 

No.3- like its predecesors is a moisturizing balm, lighter in texture yet strong enough to manage all hair types. 

Additional highlights:  Softens hair, Protection against the Sun, Natural source of (Vitamin A).  Our line focuses on healthy skin as well as the outer appearance and strickly uses botanical based organic ingredients produced in Small-Batches in Brooklyn USA. 



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Description/Product benefits:  

Ingredients: Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Hempseed Oil,  Vitamin E Oil, (Pomade) 

Non water based

Matte finish  

Fresh Note      

Character:  Lighter-hold, finish, styling, antioxidants.  Formulated to keep the skin/facial hair healthy all day.  Additional uses hair/hand/body.

Packaging/Integrity:  Cooling-process, Tin-container and Water-proof seals on crest branding.  We choose tin based on it being the safest way to protect from sunlight which can have an adverse impact on the quality of organic packaged products. (Handcrafted).