From the grains of the Earth, a hand crafted natural and organic balm for men. FORMULATED AND HAND-POURED IN BROOKLYN USA  

B.A.B.E of Brooklyn stands for (beard and balm essentials).  We believe in using only the finest organic materials to provide the most natural care for beards. Shea butter and American Jojoba infuse themselves into your hair and skin to seal in moisture and soften cuticles. The balm articulates each strand with a brilliant luster, calming fly-away's and polishing overall appearance, without making the beard look to shinny, which was one of our initial goals.  Lastly, it promotes growth of longer, thicker, and coarser beards by feeding moisture back into hair follicles that dehydrate from regular face-washing. Crisp, earthy, and completely natural based properties. No artificial coloring or scents. Baked in small batches for quality control.     

3 Different Formulas for various beard types. Plus the Essentials line-up.

No. 1. The Original.

American Jojoba and Shea Butter based, with Hempseed and Cedarwood for a clean crisp finish with sweet undertones. (Fine)

No. 2. The Earth.

The Original formula infused with Cypress Sage, and Frankincense  for a more grounded herbal scent. (Medium)

NO. 3. Biker's Brew.

Avocado, Argon, Mango infused with Rum and Leather.  Organic Hempseed, and Organic Beeswax.  (Coarse/Full)    

Steel Comb.

Part of the essentials line. Forged in Tennessee and hand-polished @babeofbrooklyn. Currently made by order.   


Activated-Charcoal  infused with our core ingredients.  Botanicals and Essentials createda Tuscany Smoke and leathery  note.   Unisex

From a Modern Man with Traditional Values.

Wil Allen

Husband, Father, Son, Brother, are at the core of the values ofthe founder of B.A.B.E of Brooklyn. Born in Boston and raised in North Carolina to be a hard-worker and true gentleman. Moved to Brooklyn to continue his education and experience the world in his father's old stomping grounds. Found love, gave life, and created this formula in need of a product that would help cultivate my own beard.  More relevant the pomade is produced in small batches to ensure each tin reaches the consumer with the precision they deserve for natural beard care.  The Gentlemen's Agreement:  Cultivating, curating our story and relationships one person at a time. B.A.B.E.   The quality of our brand and all things associated are not by accident, it is the ongoing outcome of thoughtful and intelligent effort. (STRENGTH AND HONOR).        

Updates: On 9/18/2014 B.O.B was certified and approved by the State Of New York and Kings County.  Our product is fully insured and authorized to conduct business with you.  In addition our product line, brand, art work, and all colors associated with BABE was Registered via the US Trademark and Patent Office by the legal firm we hired to represent us.  On December 5, 2014 we added a special feature to our product label.  Our logo like our product is rich in character and history.  Special thanks to our daughter who inspired the brand logo. We are sharing our process with you based on the importance of distinguishing ourselves.  

After a rough winter which gave us plenty of time to grow and plan,  Summer is heating up:

Updates: July/2015  We are humbled and honored to be teaming up with Nomad Yard Collectiv and Urban Outfitters in the Nations Capital/Georgetown on August 15, 2015.   Babe will be presented in the men's grooming section.   Special thank DVF for taking the family in @Nomad Yard Collectiv.   DC is birthplace and home of my Wife.  What a great way to forge ties to a community that is connecting to our family   

Updates:  August/ 2015.  We were also honored to  be taken in @LeisureLifeNYC.   I have personally admired the brand and look forward to growing with the dopeness that comes from Mr. Charnier Corey.  Product in stock.      

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 Order via UPS.  Please allow 3-5 days business days for delivery. 

Product info:  Each balm contains over 2oz based on the hand poring process.    

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